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Women and Credit

Women are falling behind when it comes to their credit scores. A new study shows the average credit score for women is 621, while men’s average score is 630. Financial professional Nahum Daniels talked with WTNH about why women have lower credit scores, how it affects their finances and what they can do to bring them up:

1. Be Early
2. Use Cards Lightly
3. Stay Open
4. Dispute Mistakes
5. Ask for a Raise
Useful Links: Click here for a copy of your credit reports | Click here for a sample letter of how to dispute mistakes



The Pink Tax

From baby clothes to shampoo, women pay more than men for hundreds of products they use every day. The only difference is the packaging! So how can women avoid paying the “pink tax”? CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Nahum Daniels shared some ideas with NY1.

2.Hair care products & razors
Click here for more information about the study and more examples of gender-based pricing.

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